Saturday, June 4, 2011

Next Meeting, Monday, June 13.

The Artists' Collective is thrilled to welcome you back the second time on June 13th!   Mary Bahus-Meyer of Full Circle Marketing and Design will be our featured speaker with an interactive and lively presentation entitled:  “Wearing Many Hats - Engaging and Marketing to Your Customers"  There will be Audience involvement so be sure to bring a hat!                  
We will also be talking about events in the city in which you as artists can participate; along with many opportunities to become involved in the artist community.  Come early to get a seat and sign in before mingling. 
For a special treat, we will be entertained as we arrive by local performing artists:  “Got Something To Say” with Leham Ward as the lead singer.  Fran Judd, local artist, will be video taping the event for us, and as well will be a featured artist.   A Special thanks to all of you who are helping with our endeavors.
When:  Monday, June 13th at 6:30-8:30
Where:  Pulliam Building, Community Room:  545 N. Cleveland Ave., Downtown Loveland
Please visit The Artists' Collective Facebook Page for further information.

Have a fun hat with personality? Take a photo of yourself wearing the hat and send it to Mary, A price will be awarded to the person with the best hat.


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