Friday, April 19, 2013

Call for Playground Landscape Architect/Designer

Garfield, the Loveland Integrated Schools of the Arts (LISA) elementary school, seeks Loveland designers and landscape architects to create a master plan to transform our playground into an interactive, and inspiring space. As an arts school, we want to carry our school-wide mission of “Explore, Express, Excel” outside of our walls to stimulate our students. Since art has no boundaries, neither should your ideas. Think of our playground as your palette to create an innovative space where children can run, climb, learn, play, and interact. Our goal is to transform our rather drab playground into an interactive arts and wellness area by replacing outdated surfaces with modern, kid-friendly play areas and infusing the area with color, shade structures, murals, sculptures, and even outdoor instruments.

The only limit is that our playground equipment stays put due to safety and cost issues, but we know you’ll find plenty of space to work with. The backstops and soccer goals can be relocated or removed, and we’d love the option for an outdoor classroom area. We are looking for this design work pro bono, but see it as a huge opportunity to give the school’s outdoor space the arts focus it deserves. We envision incorporating the talents of our vibrant arts community to make this a neighborhood gem that everyone can use and take pride in.

Contact Joelle Moran,, 970-213-9887 or Tracie Jenkins,, 970-231-4069

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